• Human Resources and Global Mobility

Human Resources and Global Mobility

Working across borders can pose fiscal challenges both for you as employer and for employees. A solid strategy and well-entrenched policies are therefore crucial for international assignments to be fully successful. 

With a proactive approach we create opportunities and avoid risks

In connection with employing personnel or moving abroad, there are many aspects to consider. Everything from the company’s tax situation to the employer’s payroll management and obligation to submit statements of earnings. As employer, you also can be affected when it comes to tax liability, tax deductions possibilities and social security. International work therefore makes high demands on your knowledge of local regulations and international agreements. 

There is much to gain from a prepared strategy for employees on international assignments 

An approach for international personnel issues that have been properly planned can reduce the risk of tax reassessment, international double taxation and can reduce the overall tax burden. 
But many companies have shortcomings in their monitoring of the assignment and lack career support. It is important to evaluate issues as the achievement of targets, reviewing costs, and taking care of returning employees. Since the annual cost is high and a large proportion of those who return leave after a year, there is much to gain from developing strategies in the area. 

We can help you with the following issues:
•    Posting employees abroad
•    Policy issues
•    Migration
•    Taxation on individuals
•    Tax relief for foreign key personnel
•    SINK taxation (Special income tax for non-residents)
•    Tax calculations
•    Social insurance
•    Incentive programmes
•    Benefits
•    Pension
•    Payroll management services
•    Administrative requirements