• Corporate taxation

Corporate taxation

In order to detect and anticipate tax risks and opportunities it is important to continually analyse the situation of the company. A demanding challenge in a constantly changing tax environment. 

We tailor our advice to your needs

We tailor our advisory services for each individual case. With prevention activities and the best accepted technology, we make it possible for companies and shareholders to pay the correct tax and minimise the tax burden.

In company taxation we handle tax issues relating to limited companies, groups, closely-held companies and partnerships. Our team consists of specialists with deep expertise in areas such as company and individual taxation, VAT, internal pricing and accounting.

We can assist you with the following issues
•    Tax strategies: identification of tax exposure and tax risks in company acquisitions
•    Planning and implementation of restructurings
•    Group taxation issues
•    Mergers and divisions
•    Preparation of corporate tax returns
•    Tax audits and litigation
•    Advice in spin-offs, company acquisitions and sale of businesses
•    Foreign ventures
•    Review and run-through of the current group structure for tax optimisation
•    Profit equalisation
•    Handling deficits
•    Senior management
•    Business services
    - Change of company
    - Mergers and divisions
    - Board changes
    - Change of company name