• Closely-held companies and their owners

Closely held companies and their owners

Tax is always a key issue that varies depending on what stage your business is at. It requires both knowledge and experience to know what applies for your company, right now.

We are with you all the way

We have extensive experience of company acquisitions, restructurings and foreign ventures. Our advice is tailored for different companies and phases, ranging from start-ups to mature multinational businesses. 

Help with profit calculations

Our advisory services enable the company and owners to pay the correct tax and to minimise the tax burden. We look at the tax situation for all concerned, not only the owner but also for related parties.
In order to identify and anticipate tax opportunities and risks, we analyse the current situation of the company. We can also help you calculate how to withdraw profits from your business in the most favourable way.

We can assist you with the following issues
•    Drawing the right remuneration
•    Preparation of corporate tax returns
•    Correct pension provision
•    Tax-optimised distribution/Strategies for owner withdrawals
•    Advice on ownership structure and ownership changes
•    Internal share transfer
•    Restructuring of operations
•    Purchase and sale of companies
•    Foreign ventures
•    Generational transitions
•    Tax audits and litigation
•    Tax advantages in the conversion of a sole proprietorship or partnership into a limited company
•    Business services
     - Change of company
     - Mergers and divisions
     - Board changes
     - Change of company name