• Audit of financial statements

Audit of financial statements

An audit is not just a statutory check. In the best audit you not only get confirmation that you are doing the right thing, you will also find whole new opportunities. 

We audit both small and medium-sized enterprises and non-profit organizations, listed companies and multinational clients. In our audit, we focus on materiality and risk and to give our customers added value in the form of clear reporting and proposals for improvement. Through BDO International we also offer professional assistance to all types of company worldwide.

Understanding is the key to success

Understanding and gaining full control of your company’s accounts is a prerequisite for entrepreneurs to get ideas for changes they may need to implement. In this way you can take advantage of new opportunities or avoid unforeseen setbacks. Clear communication is thus one of our most important mantras.

We put together our audit teams on the basis of the needs of each customer. This means that the team members have appropriate experience from a particular industry, for instance, and that specialists in accounting or tax are available if needed. For us it is also important to give you the best customer experience, and we therefore aim to be readily available and provide rapid feedback to your questions.