• Risk management and internal controls

Risk management and internal controls

With efficient management and good control of the business and the risks it entails, there is a solid foundation for decision making, leading to improved profitability. 

Effective risk management that is continuously reviewed and developed is a prerequisite for conducting a business in an ethical and financially satisfactory manner. Business always involves a degree of uncertainty and risk. It is therefore important to be aware of the risks involved and to have an action plan for each eventuality. In addition to minimising risks, awareness of them can be a competitive advantage if handled correctly. 

As risks and challenges vary greatly depending on factors such as industry and complexity, we have developed a range of services to meet specific risk areas.

•    Internal audit - the quality assurance of existing processes, systems and procedures
•    IT audit
•    Regulatory compliance, for example FFFS, SOX, PDA, etc. (Regulatory Compliance)
•    Streamlining of management and internal controls
•    Information security management
•    Health checks in respect of IT for small and medium-sized enterprises
•    Risk and impact analysis
•    Support and quality assurance in outsourcing IT or accounting 
•    Background checks of suppliers/business partners/recruitments
•    Licensing auditing and contract compliance regarding financial aspects such as production or profit sharing agreements and order contracts
•    Invoice auditing/checking
•    Continuity planning