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Expert inestigations - Forensic och Integrity Services

Impact analysis – what happened and how do we proceed?

BDO has extensive experience and expertise of financial investigations and special audits, both in the private and public sectors.

Our expert investigations department is deployed in certain situations including an impropriety by employees or outsiders, the financial aspects of disagreement in interpreting contracts, or a company’s insolvency. Our investigations can also be used for support in disputes and insurance claims and as the basis for expert witness services.
We have divided our services into three main areas:
•    Impropriety investigations
•    Restructurings and bankruptcies
•    Support in disputes and insurance claims, which can also include expert witness services

We also offer technical investigative support, which is used across all three main areas, depending on the nature of the assignment. We have good cooperation within BDO internationally and can offer access to a wide network of specialists in Forensic Services.

Impropriety investigations

We perform complex investigations in connection with suspicions of financial irregularities committed by board members, directors, employees or external parties. This can involve financial crime, corruption or money laundering. We have a wide offering of services for helping with most types of impropriety investigation.
•    Banking and credit fraud
•    Embezzlement incidents
•    Antitrust, corruption and bribery
•    Deliberately fraudulent or manipulated accounting
•    False payments, such as payroll payments or payments to related parties

Restructurings and bankruptcies

We provide investigative assistance in respect of all financial aspects of a reorganisation or bankruptcy and have many employees with long experience and specialised knowledge in this area. If necessary we can also carry out in-depth investigations and also provide expertise in areas such as IT, tax and accounting.

If the administrator's ability to hire expert assistance is limited, our investigations can also be customised to identify the insolvency date or completion of obligatory accounting only.
Our investigations are normally based on Section 7:15 of the Bankruptcy Act and the four sections in the administration report:
•    Applied accounting system and completion of obligatory accounting
•    The time and cause of insolvency
•    The time when a balance sheet should have been prepared
•    Recyclable transactions

Support in disputes, insurance claims and expert witness services

Whether it is a dispute or an insurance claim, BDO can offer support such as quantification or verification of lost profits, for example. We also offer expert witness services where we provide independent, solidly-based and clear opinions. Some examples of the services we offer are:
•    Analysis of complex financial aspects/problems/parts in a dispute
•    Investigation and quantification of loss and insurance claims, suspected and/or confirmed breach of contract, etc.
•    Investigation and statements of claim in respect of auditors' and accounting consultants' negligence/lack of due care
•    Statements regarding Swedish and international accounting and auditing standards
•    Investigations regarding personal liability under the Companies Act
•    Investigation of facts
•    Information and collection of evidence
•    Mapping and compiling information and evidence
•    Obtaining electronic evidence

Technical investigation support

Both with preventive risk management and impropriety investigations, disputes, restructurings and bankruptcies, we can also provide technical investigative support that includes:
•    Collection, securing, and analysis of large amounts of financial transactions and other data
•    Data analysis of transactions to identify any irregularities or undesirable conduct, regardless of the business system and the quantity of data
•    Register analysis
•    Statistical analyses, data mining and impropriety investigations through the Benford analysis
•    Access to a complete forensic laboratory for information analysis and safeguarding evidence