• Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Within Corporate Finance, BDO provides comprehensive advisory services in conjunction with different types of business transactions and valuations. Depending on the customer's needs, we customise the assignment with the appropriate specialists in the relevant area to maximise the value of the advice.

Our specialists will help you with all issues relating to mergers, acquisitions, disposals, valuations and incentive schemes. If the company does not perform as you require, we can also provide an advisory service in which we analyse the causes, value drivers and suggest solutions to stop the outflow of capital and reverse negative trends. Our customers include everything from small and medium-sized owner-managed enterprises to listed companies and private equity firms. 

Together with other specialists, we can find solutions for even the most complex problem that may arise. As we customise our teams according to your specific needs, you are equipped to speedily adapt to change and you will always have full access to our global network.