• Advisory services in the public sector

Advisory services in the public sector

To organise, manage and continuously improve an organisation's processes and performance is always a challenge. But to perform this change work in the public sector requires even more − a deep insight and understanding of the complexity and frameworks of the organisation.

Our advisers are medical professionals, accountants and social scientists with extensive experience of operations management and customer processes in the public sector. We also have framework agreements with several agencies, municipalities, and county and regional councils. 

With tried-and-tested methods and experts we provide the right support

 We combine our knowledge and understanding of the public sector with proven methods for the work of change. We also cooperate with several external experts whose backgrounds include industry, universities and university colleges to provide the right support in the development of your business.

Control of unforeseen events

Sometimes businesses are affected by events that can be difficult to foresee. This can include everything from breaches of data security and theft of sensitive information to accidents on construction sites. In today’s business climate, even the best laid plans need to be flexible enough to deal with unexpected challenges. In order to avoid a negative impact both on your company's finances and customer confidence, it is important to identify any deficiencies and weaknesses well in advance.

Risk management and internal control is about being one step ahead. Our specialists work preventatively to discover weakness and glitches in different areas and levels. We investigate the possible consequences that various deficiencies can cause while we strive to find speedy, constructive measures.

Process management and organisational development - when costs get out of control

Process orientation is a success factor for organising, managing and improving your organisation's processes and results. This is easier said than done.
We have extensive experience of working with process orientation in public organisations and in companies. In our previous assignments we have encountered most of the challenges that companies and organisations face. In many cases, it is about improving specific processes and developing the business.

We give you the control tools

Our advisers can help you, whether you need help in reducing costs, making your organisation more efficient or improving your competitiveness. We prepare a basis that will enable you to organise your business in new ways and ensure that the introduction of new systems really leads to improvements.

With us you can get help with the following issues:
•    Analysis of potential improvements for your business
•    Support in the development of business systems in accordance with laws, regulations and ISO standards
•    Monitoring and evaluation of the efficiency, use of resources and target efficiency of your business

Purchaser audits and medical audits

Some areas require more cutting-edge expertise from the auditor than others. Medical audits are an example where it is particularly important to have deep insight in the specific area. BDO also has special resources in areas such as security and emergency preparedness.
When your business is subjected to an audit, it is important for us to use specialists with the same amount of knowledge of the area and issues that you have. Everything to make you feel secure, and the result to be the best.

We are specialists in areas that include the following:
•    Advisory services for the public sector
•    Risk and vulnerability analyses
•    Process management and organisational development
•    Purchaser audits and medical audits
•    Control of unforeseen events
•    Security and emergency preparedness
•    Monitoring government grants