Press release:

She takes over as BDO's new CEO

11 September 2017

Malin Nilsson becomes BDO's new CEO. She will be the first woman in this position and takes over the leadership of BDO Sweden from Carl-Johan Kjellman.

Together with the Board of Directors, Carl-Johan Kjellman chose Malin Nilsson as his successor after his five years as CEO. Malin is an authorized auditor and a partner, and has worked at the company for 19 years. She is Vice Regional Manager for the Eastern region and has been part of the national board of directors for one year.

"Apart from being a competent and experienced leader, Malin knows the company inside and out," says Chairman of the Board Torbjörn Lundh.

Carl-Johan leaves his role as CEO this fall but remains part of BDO.

"These years have been very enjoyable and provided many opportunities to grow. I feel happy and proud to have built the great BDO Sweden of today together with our 600 employees. What I am looking forward to now, is primarily working with our customers but also to continue the development of BDO together with the Board of Directors.

BDO has seen strong growth and development under Carl-Johan's leadership. By working with a solid vision, BDO has developed clear objectives with focus areas such as digitalisation and, not to mention, exceptional client service. BDO's motivation and values – what the company stands for – has successfully created great customer experiences. For the fifth consecutive year, the Swedish EPSI Rating Group rates BDO as having the industry's best customer satisfaction. Malin has been deeply engaged in this work and will continue on the same path.

"Carl-Johan and I have worked very well together and I will continue to run the company in the same spirit and direction, focusing on organization and leadership. I am enthusiastically looking forward to shouldering this great responsibility", says Malin.