• Meet our CEO

    Malin Nilsson

Meet our CEO

We can look back on a very positive trend in the last few years. We have increased turnover and profitability, strengthened our offering and have acquired the most satisfied customers in the industry. This is something that we should be both very humble about and proud of. At the same time, we know we are living in a fast and changeable world in which digitalization is creating new customer needs. We welcome this with open arms as it means that a large proportion of our services can be automated and we can devote more time to being the customer’s advisory business partner. In order to achieve this, we will continue to invest in customer relationships, offering even better service, expertise and a more proactive approach. Relationships are about people, and our ambition as a firm is to have an open and inclusive culture that is transmitted to our customers. All the players in the market can deliver high quality audit, advisory, tax and business services but none can compete with an organisation that values relationships above all.

But we are always striving to improve, and are therefore investing in our resources, with digital offices and solutions that ensure we’re available when our customers need us. We are also bolstering our four business areas with cutting edge expertise so we can find new and more effective ways of meeting our customers’ needs. We are also expanding with new offices to create a more attractive and nationwide offering, and when our customers are ready to expand internationally, we can use our global network. Of course our world is becoming digitalized and services are becoming automated, but while these processes may also be taking place at our competitors, it is the service we deliver that makes the difference. Welcome to an enjoyable and exciting future with BDO. We hope you will join us on the journey.